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Package Comparison

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Custom Medical and Dental Packages

  Office Manager Package $89.00
  Office/Clinical/Billing Personnel $79.00
  Hygienist Package $90.00
  Associate Doctor/Nurse Practitioner Package $115.00

Quick Check Packages

  National Plus Package $20.95

Choose the level that's best for you

Level 1 Hourly / Entry Level $32.95

Drug Screening Services

  Drug Screening (5 panel lab-based urine test) $40.00
  Drug Screening (10 panel lab-based urine test) $42.00

Tenant Packages

  Tenant Package I $13.95
  Tenant Package II $23.95
  Tenant Package III $39.95

Individual Services

  County Criminal Search $16.95
  National SSN/Address Locator $3.95
  CBSV SSA ID Verification $8.00
  Credit Report - for Employment Purposes $14.95
  Credit Report Setup $75.00
  Motor Vehicle Report $12.95
  Education Verification - Domestic $15.95
  Employment Verification - Domestic $14.95
  Government Watch List ('OFAC' terrorist search) $5.95
  Civil Litigation Search $18.95
  Tax Lien Search (federal & state) $45.95
  Federal District Court Search $15.95
  Bankruptcy Search $15.95